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The attorneys at Engles, Ketcham, Olson & Keith are available to answer questions for our clients, free of charge. There is also no charge for an initial consultation.
Our attorneys are also available to present seminars on various topics of interest to our clients. We have presented many general seminars on Nebraska and Iowa law both to insurance companies, professional organizations and clients. We have also presented seminars on more specialized topics. For example, we have recently put on presentations covering Bad Faith Litigation, Workers’ Compensation, Insurance Claims and Investigation Tactics, Insurance Issues, Defending Automobile (and Soft Impact) Cases, Mold Litigation and Employment Law Issues.
Rob Keith has presented a seminar entitled “Mold is Gold” to insurance companies and industry groups throughout the country. The feedback on this series has been tremendous.
Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you or your group or if you would like to schedule a speaker for a seminar.